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Sunday, June 12, 2011

postheadericon Moo Cow Monkey Pig Review THE MUST SEE SHOP

Moo Cow Monkey Pig  offers adorable clothes for adorable kids! Moo Cow Monkey Pig  is what I call the owner calls her creations. The name started when she was pregnant with her son. As her belly grew her husbend called her "MooCowMonkeyPig". She thought it was a cute creative name! The name carried over to her last two pregnancies. Then when it came to coming up with a name for her creations she thought it would be perfect.
The owner, Korey, is a stay at home mom to three beautiful children. Brody 8, Chloe 7 and Sarah 5. She also has an adorable chihuahua named Bianca. While her children are in school or in bed at night she enjoys sewing new creations. Every week her girls go to school wearing a new creation made by mommy! All designs are created with high quality quilting fabric!

They are offering a special 15 % off discount to our readers with the code MOODOT !

Moo Cow Monkey Pig sent Brynley Sage this amazing dress! The combinations of patterns is amazing! I love bright colors and these colors are exactly like something I would make if I could sew! Everything about this dress is perfect! I think this dress is perfect for my little diva in training!


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